Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Killed a Dog

It was sunday July 5, I woke up early for a long trip with my motorcycle. I have to go to Compostela, Comval Province to update my POS System installed in a small grocery store. That day I also have to one of my close friend at the ICU of San Pedro Hospital by 4:00PM and also I have to attend a mass at 6:PM, so I have to rush.

Around 8:30 I arrived at the residence of my partner Alvin, He isn't prepared yet so I waited for him to finish packing up. He said we have to attend a mass first but then I replied we will have to be back earlier so we could attend to the afternoon mass.

9:15 my partner finished packing up and we were starting our journey. It was our second trip going there with my motorcycle so we are confident we will be having a safe ride. We both wo jackets but mine is thinner. I did not wear gloves so I will have a good grip on the throttle.

We were riding smoothly at speed ranging from 60-90 KPH. Along the way around 9:30AM I saw two dogs outside the opposite lane. They were not moving so I did not slow down and continue cruising at 80 KPH. When we reached near them, they suddenly ran across the street. In a second one of them is already in front of us. I did not have a choice it will be an accident. I did not apply brakes hoping we can pass over the dog's body and continue running smoothly. During the collision I lost handle of the bike and we crashed. I did not expect the impact would be unmanageable. The dog was quiet big or fat.

We were rolling in the paved road. I end up lying straight facing up in the right lane. I did not feel anything yet but i did not stand up. The residence near the area crowded. Someone is trying to pull me up but I refused and signed I'm okay. My partner's helmet is half-faced only so i feel nervous because he might have injuries in the head. Mine was full-face so I got no worries about my head. I asked the person what happened to my partner, and he replied he got my bag and sit on the roadside and seems okay so I was relieved.

When I stand up and removed my jacket I was shocked on the abrasions on my left arm. Then I started feeling pain on my left arm and left knee. Everything I wore was torn. My vision blurred for a while because of the intense pain. I thought I will collapsed. A couple of minutes my vision was back to normal. I told my partner "Sorry" I did not have time to avoid hitting the dog.

Someone saw the incident told us what happened to us. The dog died and the other slightly injured. He added the "tambays" got it and they will have to cook and eat it. Nobody claimed to be the owner of the dog.

The crash site was in front of a known golf course here in Davao, the Rancho Palos Verdes. The guard immediately called 911 for rescue. The guard got our names and interviewed us. Around 9:50PM the 911 emergency ambulance arrived. Again my vision blurred for a minute. The 911 rescue team conducted first aid routines to us.

I suggested to be admitted to a hospital. So the 911 Ambulance brought us to San Pedro Hospital as I requested. That choice was greatly influenced by my friend in the ICU of that hospital. I wanted to see him and know his situation. At the ambulance I called up a special friend of mine and told her what happened.

At the hospital's Emergency Room another check-up routines. The doctor checked if I can move all parts of my left arm and leg. He suggested X-Ray on my left arm to check fractures or dislocation of joints and for Alvin on his left shoulder. Luckily we got negative results. Alvin's wife arranged my admission. Alvin decided not to be admitted since he only suffered few light scars. I also called up my sister and told about my situation.

After two injections and insertion of the dextrose needle I was brought to my room. It's a semi-private room which could occupy 2 patients. I wanted to visit my friend at the ICU but it is not possible with my condition. I can't bend my left knee. My left hand hurting so bad.

The first night some officemates visited me. Despite of my suffering I managed to talk and laugh with them. When my officemates went home my special friend appeared. I'm so glad to see her. She seemed to cry as she saw my situation. She comforted me and left when I was asleep.

On the 3rd day the patient on the second bed was discharged and a new one from ICU will be transferred on that bed. I was amazed it's my friend who will be joining me in the room. I don't have to go out to the ICU to see him. He's with me in the room.

So i have all the time to talk with my friend. He can't stand or even sit. He can talk but his voice changed. He's like a person experiencing a mild stroke. I think he just need more time to rest and slowly he will recover.

On the sixth day I decided to be discharged and leave my friend there and continue diagnosis at home.


  1. oh i hope you are okay now. at first, i was kind of mad that you killed a dog, but i guess it was an accident and you didn't actually want to do it. take care!`

  2. Yes I'm okay now and more observant on the road as I travel. Thanks. TC...

  3. hello, thanks for visiting my blog. i am happy to know that you are already doing well. take care always....

  4. hehe thank you also for reading mine hehe. i'm new to this thing. i don't know how to change the design or the presentation haha. tc always..